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Converting our Markdown to HTML

To convert our markdown file to an HTML file we need to go back to the use() function and invoke the markdown() plugin. There aren't any settings we need to fiddle with right now, just .use(markdown()) and we're good to go.

metalsmith = Metalsmith(__dirname)
    .use(function(files, metalsmith, done) {
        if (err) throw err;

The many faces of Frontend Design

  • UI Developer
  • Client Side Developer
  • UI Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Designer/Developer
  • Prototyper
  • Frontend Architect

If Dante were a developer, he'd be a Frontend Designer

  1. Need to be skilled in UX, yet we are not UX developers
  2. Need to have an eye for design, yet we are not visual designers
  3. Need to have a mastery with JavaScript, yet we are not JavaScript Developers
  4. Need to understand the role of our server side code and infrastructure, yet we are neither backend developers or sysops engineers.